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Hey John and the MAD Team, here's an early Happy New Years! You really nailed and keep nailing great reversals and trends that are just beginning to deserve a watchful eye. I nailed it today, so far, just buying the JPY pairs, and shorting the big bond, this past couple weeks? I'm still a bit

The Government's War on Cash

When I lived as a student in West Berlin during the 1960s, I had a nice little side business. I organized weekend walking tours through the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie to visit East Berlin for American students too afraid to go alone. To pay for it, I smuggled US dollars my customers paid me


The confidence you have given me to enter the USD:JPY spot positions have returned me in excess of $1,500,000 in the last few months. I'll be in California next year. Can't wait to catch up. Dinner is on me, both times! I know you said you aren't retiring until you're well into your seventies. Why