Dear John,

You gave me a profit this year well into six digits which has me so addicted to your service that I'm considering taking out life insurance on you from Lloyd's of London.

I admit I get VERY nervous every time you adventure off to climb the Matterhorn or vagabond through the High Sierras within stalking distance of mountain lions or drive that Tesla further than the end of your driveway or travel with the swells on the Orient Express, virtually daring the enemies of capitalism to do something rash.

You must stop all such foolishness so you can maximize the probability of keeping us in Trade Alerts for the longest possible time. Toward that end, we also respectfully request that you watch your consumption of bubbly and cholesterol at all those fancy restaurants you favor, rein in the holiday celebrations over your amazing track record, and be sure to take your meds.

Also, getting to bed early the rest of the year won't hurt, unless of course you're pulling all-nighters with Mad Day Trader’s Bill Davis on the phone as you both nervously watch the overseas markets until the early dawn, followed by a hectic day of domestic trading and writing of Trade Alerts, all of which you should feel free to do as frequently as needed to keep your performance on its current blistering track. (We must, after all, keep our eye on what's most important in life.)

I, like most of your subscribers, am long -- very long -- on the Mad Hedge Fund Trader...and we need you healthy for many years--preferably decades--to come.

Garden City, NY



Thank you so much for meeting with us in Portland!  

I hope I didn't monopolize your time at the expense of everyone else.  But how often does one get a chance to pick the brain of the Mad Hedge Fund Trader?

You have such an ability to see the big picture on so many fronts and whittle it down into actionable strategies.  

I will confess that at one point I considered dropping your service because I couldn't effectively implement your trades, as we discussed.  

But the thought of not getting your daily insights made me realize how often I use what you write when talking with clients, making allocation decisions, and selecting industries in which to invest.  

So, you're stuck with me!

Again, thanks for taking the time!

Rogue River, Oregon


I just stumbled across your writing and I love it!

I have been reading it all weekend. The more I read, the more I have this weird sensation in my frontal cortex. I believe it used to be called "thinking" before the new world order arrived. Almost stimulating....like the stuff before decaf...

What a fresh perspective you provide! You challenge my preconceived notions from CNN, and that is scary.

Please keep up the good work.

Yours Truly,





Dear John,

I would like to express my appreciation for all that you put into your daily letter.

My background is in the medical field so when it comes to investing and finances, I need all the help I can get. It's totally amazing that you are a one-stop shopping experience.  

You the incorporate past, present, and future in where to invest. With your service, I have learned the who, what, when, where, and how of successful trading and have done rather well with your input and the text alerts.  

Often times though I have gone off on my own in trades and have given much of my profits back.

You warn your subscribers of the pitfalls and the need of strict discipline in knowing when to exit and limit your loses.  I am surely learning this the hard way.  

You are definitely the voice of experience in all matters of trading and I hold you in high regard as my mentor.


Christine P

Morristown, NJ


Don't worry, John.

Your posts are probably the least boring of any mentor(s) out there. Please keep up the good work.

By the way, I may have flown in that Tiger Moth back in the early 70s. My dad learned to fly on Tiger Moths right after the war in south England and we used to visit his home turf when I was a boy.

At Red Hill we used to fly G-ACDC mostly, but I also had the privilege to ride in the Fox Moth and DH.60 Gipsy Moth. Small world. 🙂

Best wishes,

Dallas, TX
John with Tiger Moth



Hey John,

Bought a leap on LRCX. It’s up more than 50% in one day. My account is small,
but I’m up 26% in two months. Take a look at this screen shot:

Well done Andrew. The student becomes the teacher.

John Thomas



Mr. Mad Hedge Fund!

This is an old B-52 pilot with over 325 combat missions in Vietnam, flying out of Guam, Okinawa and Thailand, and the past Air Force Wing Commander of the Bomb Wing on Guam 1981-1983.

I am extremely pleased to have happened onto your website and, thusly, I have canceled some other subscriptions, narrowing myself down to only two!

Your bio has to be one of the most interesting reads that will ever exist relative to what all you have accomplished in life!

Have a great day!

So glad I ran across your site--have a great evening!!

The Best Testimonial Ever

I was pondering an FXE trade alert from MHFT today when my cell rang with a Berkeley, California area code. Since I know a couple people in that part of the world, I answered, and it was none other than John Thomas.

Had I not heard his voice on the MHFT webinars, I would have thought I was being conned. But given that I'm in the last month of a trial run, he actually called to find out how I was doing with the service and what I thought.

Here's the short version of what I told him.

I'm a pretty experienced investor, but definitely not sophisticated when it comes to using options or, for that matter, trading currencies and commodities.

My first trade with MHFT - a (FXY) vertical call spread - literally scared the hell out of me, so I used a tiny position size. I think I made around $900 ($400 more than my trial subscription, so there's that).

But through the process of using John's trade ideas, I learned. Fast. Nothing will help you grasp the potential of option strategies like doing them. And as I write this, I have multiple positions on courtesy of MHFT that are on track to deliver double-digit percentage gains in a matter of weeks!

I can't quite comprehend how he knows so many well-placed people, but he's incredibly adept at grabbing insights from them, turning these into an investment thesis, and making it incredibly clear and actionable to his reader base.

One day he's writing about a chat with a three-star general and the next you're buying a call spread on Palo Alto Networks (PANW). He connects the dots in a ridiculously useful way.

But it's more than just the idea; it's the timing of the idea. The world is full of people who can say, "Hey, cyber-security is a big deal." Or, "Wow, the euro is getting killed." But the actual trade execution to profit from that in the near term? He's freaky good.

I also love the defined exit strategy. Look, if you're the most disciplined human on the planet and never let a bad trade turn into a long term "investment," more power to you.

I am not. I hate when I do it, but it's happened more than once. With MHFT, the exit is well marked. You can't miss it. Personally, I find that removes significant stress, not to mention risk.

Today, I was over at my local Schwab office - before John called - and was raving about MHFT. Not stark raving. Good raving. I'd be surprised if they aren't signing up for a trial as I write this.

John, thanks for the call. That was a really nice surprise.

But, more importantly, thanks for great work, thinking and ideas. Enjoy your travels, and I look forward to meeting you at one of your conferences.

Dublin, Ohio

John Thomas - Beach


Dear John,

I hope you remember me. We once met at a luncheon in Paris a number of summers ago.

Thank you for the suggestion you made during the January 31 webinar about the launch of the Mad Hedge Technology Letter. After the first issue I bought Micron Technology (MU).

I bought two July $39 Calls for $7.80 and two January 2019 $37 Calls for $11.40. On February 26, I sold one of the July calls for $11.00 (+40.7%) and today the second for $15.70 (+100.0%) for a total profit of $1,105.51.

I still have an unrealized profit of $1,718 on the January 2019 calls. So, if I sell those now I will have earned $2000 with this trade.

We once met at a very scarcely attended luncheon in Paris a number of summers ago.

Kind regards,


John Thomas reply: Good work Dirk! Let's meet in Paris again for lunch this July.



I have been in the money management business for 35 years and really enjoy your service.

I just want to say that the way you handled the start of the year which was a combination of exploiting opportunities from an oversold market combined with your overall risk mitigation strategies was not only brilliant but profitable as well.

I am up on the year and glad to have not participated in the insanity of a market short-term meltdown.

Moreover, one of the reasons I like your service so much is I am prohibited from making specific stock buys/sells without permission from our trading desk in NY and that can take time as well as prohibitions within days of earnings announcements or if the firm is buying/selling.

So using market indices through ETFs is not only helpful and productive, but outright brilliant.

So a million thanks again!

Cleveland, Ohio