Market Gets a Free Pass from the Fed

When the Oxford English Dictionary considers the Word of the Year for 2019, I bet “PATIENCE” will be on the short list.

That was the noun that Federal Reserve governor Jerome Powell had in mind when describing the central bank’s current stance on interest rates.

Not only did Powell say he was patient, he posited that the Fed was currently at a neutral interest rate. The last time he opened on this matter four months ago, the neutral rate was still 50 basis point higher, suggesting that more rate hikes were to come.

What a difference four months makes! The last time Powell spoke, the stock market crashed. Today, he might as well fire a flare gun signaling the beginning of a stampede by investors.

The Dow ($INDU) average at one point gained 500 points. Lower rates for longer term meant that bonds took it on the kisser. And gold (GLD) absolutely loved it as they now have less competition from interest-bearing instruments.

The US dollar (UUP) was taken out to the woodshed and beaten senseless paving the way for a nice pop in the euro (FXE). Even oil (USO) took the cue as cheaper interest rates mean a stronger global economy that will drink more Texas tea.

I believe that the Fed move today will definitely take a retest of the December 24 lows off the table for the time being. Now, if we can only get rid of that damn trade war with China, it will be off to the races for risk in general and stocks specifically.


What Did You REALLY Mean Jay?