Dear John,

I missed the Boeing (BA) trade last week.? So, I now have “Trump’s Tweets Today” on my bookmarks list.?

On Monday, I read Trump’s tweet blasting Lockheed (LMT) and bought 200 December, 2016 $247.5 calls. At the end of the day I had a 250% return.?

Also, I did find some of your past letters that I found very interesting, including “The Case against Treasury Bonds” on November 27, 2011, ” Trading for the non-Trader” on November 10, 2015 and? ?Janet Yellen’s Dirty Little Secret” on July 7, 2016.?

I get a lot of older folks asking me if they should buy Treasuries for their retirement.? When I explain that one percent increase in yield results in a 20% loss in value they think I’m crazy.?

A lot of older folks don’t understand that annuities with fixed income (6%) are less than break-even when you consider inflation.?

I sure think there is a large market for a reasonable investment service that has your format.?

Thanks again for the heads up.? You are the best.


Wrinkle City, California
John Thomas - Hiking