Thanks for your very informative daily updates and stories. I subscribe to four daily investment advisors and yours are the only one I always read and almost always follow.

I followed your trades to the letter and most were successful. The problem was I was not trading live (always at least half a day late and sometimes a full day due to the time difference (US versus AUD), and my trade size was too small.

I am basically using your alerts as the trigger to place the trade as a CFD (entry via a stop just above previous day?s high ? for a long/call) and then manage them with a trailing stop loss using the daily charts (stop loss just below previous day?s low unless the day was an inside bar).

This seems to work much better and entry and exits from trades are far more successful at the price you want to trade at.

Looking forward to applying this strategy for 2017 and hopefully I will catch up with you next time you are in Australia.

Hope you have a great XMAS and New Year.


Pullenvale, Australia

John Thomas