My name is Julian and I am currently a finance student in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been reading some of the free material you’ve posted and I think you are dead on with your analysis. It?s really good stuff. I’ve been trading for 4 years and turned $3000 into $17000. It?s paying my way through college.
Wishing you continued success in 2012.

Montreal, Canada


Thank you for a terrific year.? I have been managing assets for 27 years and I find your writings and work truly insightful.? I wish I had met you in 1984 (started at Merrill Lynch and then spent the bulk of my career at Bear Stearns) and let you help me shape my thoughts for all of those years.

The business has never been easy and the markets today are certainly more difficult than ever.? I look forward to your emails and the clarity they bring.? Safe travels and enjoy your well-deserved time off.
Jason R.
Lake Success, New York


I?m only 45 days into ?Macro Millionaire? and I wanted to drop a note to say thank you. As a relatively novice trader, your perspective, analysis and trade alerts have given me the tools to show a 96% return so far. They’ve been a result of my taking additional risk with your ideas.

You have a great product and deliver incredible value. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope others realize how fortunate they are to have found you and Macro Millionaire.

Fiat Lux!

Bryon Z.
Walnut Creek, CA





Dear John, I’m extremely passionate about markets and am already building a hedge fund at the age of 31. Please continue to be yourself and inform. I want to learn from you all I can to successfully understand the next likely moves based on your insights and reasoning. I just wish you were my uncle and could give me years of one on time to teach me how to fish. Thanks for the privilege. Please be accurate next year also! ;-).

Brisbane, Australia


I love it John. The analysis is great – and the trades are limited to a dozen or so vehicles I can follow. You make it so easy for us. The service continues to improve – alerts are more timely, text alerts are working nicely. My only wish is the webcasts were regularly posted same day – waiting until the next day is tough (only been a few times).

And I’ve had a darn good year (my first) trading. I’m up 150% on the year – from down 50% at the low (builds character right?). Retiring comfortably (and < 60) seems like a real possibility – I need 3 more years like this in the next 10. My greatest fear is you’ll retire before I can, or the volatility that makes quick $ disappears.

A year into this and it’s proven to be a true life-changer – one of the things I’m truly thankful for.

Kind Regards,
San Jose, CA



I’ve been reading your blog for a while and found it a helpful beacon in a sea of confusing and contradictory information as I try and make sense of the world (and try and make money from sense!).

Kind regards.
London, England


I have been following your trades for a while, to the tune of several hundreds of thousands in profits. Kindly sign me up to the “A” team. Even after investing for over 30 years, some as a Wall St. pro, I need help with this market. Keep up the good work.



A full double on my FXE puts means?a dancing girl for you. You deserve it! Raising a glass to the Greek Prime Minister as I type this. Thanks John. You rock!!


Hello John. I`d like to subscribe to your Macro Millionaire program. I`m sure glad I found you as your suggestions have been gloriously FANTASTIC! Short the long bond-WOW.
Memphis, Tennessee


I have always had a passion for the markets and Macro Millionaire gave me the courage to make my first trade. At the time I was unemployed and put in everything I could scrape together – about ten thousand dollars. For me this was a free education, as the profits would pay for all the books and the fee. My father gave me some money as a gift, while telling me ?I was crazy? following ?some guy? off the Internet.

Every suggestion I have taken religiously. I follow all your lead indicators from the Shanghai stock market to Dr. Copper and the jobless claims. In the last couple of months I have started doing my own successful options trades based on the extra suggestions you give in the webinars and commentaries. Often I do a trade and ten minutes later an alert comes.

My father who is worried about his future (like so many of us) is now joining the program. I am going to assist him with his first trades. Another family member has asked me to manage his money. I really feel you are helping me become a hedge fund manager with this fantastic program.

London ? England