Global Trading Dispatch Results 2015



Global Trading Dispatch Performance
for the Year Ending 12/31/2015

Since Inception*: 191.68%
Average Annualized Return: 37.71%
Trailing One Year Return:38.87%
Year End: 38.87%


*Inception = 11/29/2010

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The percent performance is based on returns on capital using strict risk and money management rules given on each trade alert you receive.

Results are NON-Compounded. The quality of the Trades selected by John Thomas are responsible for the success of the service.

As an example, if you have 100.000 usd$ portfolio allocated for Global Trading Dispatch Alerts and you use the money management (how much of your 100.000 usd$ should be allocated to the trade alert) parameters given in the trade alert then:

If you executed a trade alert that produced a 2.75% profit (as per the table below) then your absolute dollar gain based on your portfolio of 100.000 usd$ would be:

100.000 x (2.75/100) = 2.750 usd$

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 DateAsset Net In Days
July 2015      
(FXY) 8/$82-$84 put spread7/24/2015equitylong10.0%1.65%15
(AAPL) 8/$110-$115 call spread7/29/2015equitylong10.0%1.56%19
(SPY) 8/$195-$200 call spread7/29/2015equitylong10.0%1.58%19
  Total for the Month  4.79% 
June 2015      
(SPY) 6/$202-$207 call spread6/3/2015equitieslong10.0%0.00%5
(FXE) 6/$113-$116 put spread6/5/2015foreign exchangelong10.0%1.29%32
(FXY) 7/$83 put6/17/2015foreign exchangelong10.0%0.95%7
(SPY) 6/$201-$204 call spread6/19/2015equitieslong10.0%1.51%14
(SPY) 6/$214-$217 put spread6/19/2015equitieslong10.0%0.79%9
  Total for the Month  4.54% 
May 2015      
(PANW) 5/$125-$135 call spread5/1/2015equitylong10.0%1.44%23
(IWM) 5/$119-$122 call spread5/1/2015equitylong10.0%-0.92%24
(AAPL) 6/$115-$120 call spread5/6/2015equitylong10.0%-1.08%7
(SPY) 5/$215-$218 put SPREAD5/12/2015equitylong10.0%1.18%19
(UVXY) Proshares Ultra VIX ETF5/12/2015volatilitylong10.0%1.02%1
(SPY) 5/$212-$215 put spread5/12/2015equitylong10.0%0.67%5
(GS) 5/$185-$190 call spread5/15/2015equitylong10.0%1.38%30
(SPY) 5/$213-$216 put spread5/15/2015equitylong10.0%1.79%10
(UVXY) Proshares Ultra VIX ETF5/22/2015volatilitylong10.0%-1.70%8
  Total for the Month  3.78% 
April 2015      
(FXE) 4/$109-$112 put spread4/9/2015foreign exchangelong10.0%1.64%13
(IWM) 4/$116-$119 call spread4/10/2015equitylong10.0%1.64%14
(GS) 4/$175-$180 call spread4/15/2015equitylong10.0%1.40%19
(FCX) 5/$16-$17 call spread4/15/2015equitylong10.0%2.25%1
(LEN) 5/$45-$49 call spread4/23/2015equitylong10.0%-2.81%17
(FXY) 6/$82-84 put spread4/27/2015foreign exchangelong10.0%0.65%39
(AAPL) 5/$115-120 call spread4/28/2015equitylong10.0%2.47%13
(FXE) 5/$99-$102 call spread4/29/2015foreign exchangelong10.0%1.68%15
(FCX) 5/$17 calls4/30/2015equitylong10.0%1.25%15
(DXJ) Japan Hedged Equity ETF4/30/2015equitylong10.0%0.29%30
(GOOG) 5/$520-$540 call spread4/30/2015equitylong10.0%-2.25%6
  Total for the Month  8.21% 
March 2015      
(CSCO) 3/$27-$29 call spread3/6/2015equitylong10.0%0.35%14
(SPY) 3/$200-$204 call spread3/6/2015equitylong10.0%0.52%14
(FXE) 4/$112-$115 put spread3/6/2015foreign exchangelong10.0%2.02%3
(GLD) 3/$107-$112 call spread3/9/2015precious metalslong10.0%-0.59%14
(IWM) 4/$116-$120 call spread3/18/2015equitylong10.0%1.67%16
  Total for the Month  3.97% 
February 2015      
(SPY) 2/$189-$194 call spread2/2/2015equitieslong10.0%0.80%4
(IWM) 2/$107-$112 callspread2/2/2015equitieslong10.0%1.22%27
(LINE) unit2/2/2015MLPlong10.0%-3.72%63
(AA) 2/$17-$18 put spread2/4/2015equitieslong10.0%0.25%30
(T) 2/$35-$37 put spread2/6/2015equitieslong10.0%1.20%30
(FXY) 2/$84-$87 put spread2/20/2015foreign exchangelong10.0%1.33%25
(GILD) 2/$87.50-$92.50 call spread2/20/2015equitylong10.0%1.84%16
(SPY) 2/$199-$202 call spread2/20/2015equitylong10.0%1.96%9
  Total for the Month  4.88% 
January 2015      
(IWM) 2/$103-$118 call spread1/6/2015equitieslong10.0%-4.78%8
(FXE) 2/$122-$124 put spread1/8/2015equitieslong10.0%2.01%8
(FXE) 2/$120-$122 put spread1/8/2015equitieslong10.0%2.33%3
(BAC) 2/$16 calls1/8/2015equitieslong10.0%-1.82%8
(GILD) 1/$85-$90 call spread1/9/2015equitieslong10.0%1.36%11
(TBT) short Treasury Bond ETF1/9/2015fixed incomelong10.0%-2.51%107
(OXY) 2/$70-$75 call spread1/12/2015equitieslong10.0%-2.66%10
(BAC) 2/$15-$16 call spread1/14/2015equitieslong10.0%-1.84%6
(BAC) 2/$14-$15 call spread1/21/2015equitieslong10.0%-0.24%7
(QCOM) 2/$75-$80 put spread1/29/2015equitieslong10.0%2.13%9
  Total for the Month  -6.02% 

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