Special Note to Australian Readers

Readers of the Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader down under are welcome to join the online “Secure the Future” conference which I will be participating in through the miracle of the Internet. My friend, Greg Owen, created this organization to educate investors in the opportunities available in international markets by bringing in industry veterans like myself. I will be making presentations on the current state of and prospects for the global financial markets, to be followed by an extended question and answer session. No doubt I will spend a lot of time expounding on my outlook for Australian stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals, and real estate. My schedule is below.

Sydney on Saturday, May 12 at 2:00 PM
Brisbane on Tuesday, May 15 at 2:00 PM
Perth on Thursday, May 17 at 2:00 PM

To register for the event, please click here at www.securethefuture.com.au/greg . In order to register, you will need to input your credit card information. However, you can attend as my guest, so there will be no charge made to your credit card. I look forward to hearing from you in the Q & A.