SPX 1,600, Here We Come!

Take a look at the chart below for the S&P 500, and it is clear that we are gunning for an all time high between 1,550 and 1,600. With the debt ceiling crisis now cancelled, you really have to look hard to find any near term reasons to sell stocks, so we could hit those lofty numbers as early as March.

A perusal of the short-term charts certainly demands one to conclude that we are overbought. The Relative Strength Indicator has just hit 70%, normally a signal that we are reaching an interim top. However, the RSI can stay elevated for an extended period of time and trade as high as 80 before the downside risks show their ugly face. That could be months off.

In the meantime, we could see some sort of correction. But it is more likely to be a time correction, not a price one. That has the market moving sideways in an agonizing, tortuous, narrowing range on declining volume for a while before launching on another leg up.

This year’s rally occurred so quickly that a lot of money was left on the sidelines, especially with the largest managers. That is why we have seen no meaningful corrections so far. This condition could remain all the way out until April.

It is likely that traders are going to keep ramping up this market until the January month end book closing. That sets up a quiet February. The deep-in-the-money options that I have been recommending to readers are ideally suited for this falling volatility environment. They reach their maximum point of profitability, whether the market goes up, sideways, or down small.

You see confirmation of this analysis everywhere you look. Treasury bonds (TLT) can’t catch a bid, and are clearly threatening to break out above the 1.90% yield band that has prevailed for the past year. The Volatility Index (VIX) hit another new five year low today at $12.40. Oil (USO) just hit a multi month high. It all points to stock prices that will remain on an upward path for the foreseeable future.

I think I’ll buy more stocks and then go drive my new Tesla around the mountain.

SPX 1-23-13

SPX 1-23-13a

INDU 1-23-13

TNX 1-23-13

VIX 1-23-13

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