A belated thank you for the time you provided to all of us at the Las Vegas Strategy Luncheon back in May.  My apologies for not submitting a prompter response.

I am the Air Force C-17 pilot from Seattle; you graciously gave me additional time on your walk back to the room during the SALT Conference.  I was honored to be a part of your luncheon. 

Your advice regarding the investing world and my progress into it was insightful and helpful. I quickly relayed all of your sage commentary to my wife and have used it in my further studies since. 

Fantastic info on the Tesla, flying etc as well – I relayed all of that to my buddies back in the squadron.  I plan on attending more luncheons as the opportunities present themselves.

My offer to take you in the simulator still stands, if you’re ever here in the Seattle area again.  Yes, the MiG has a better climb rate but we have a stand-up bathroom, kitchen and two bunks.

Again, thank you for your time;

Seattle, Washington

John Thomas-Cannon