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A Note on Assigned Options, or Options Called Away

When the April 18 options expiration was only seven trading days away, there was a heightened probability that short options position gets called away. I was already getting calls from holders of the iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (TLT) April 2019 $128-$130 in-the-money vertical BEAR PUT spread who have seen their short April

What About Asset Allocation?

Asset allocation is the one question that I get every day, which I absolutely cannot answer. The reason is simple: no two investors are alike. The answer varies whether you are young or old, have $1,000 in the bank or $1 billion, are a sophisticated investor or an average Joe, in the top or the

Who Will Be the Next FANG?

FANGS, FANGS, FANGS! Can’t live with them but can’t live without them either. I know you’re all dying to get into the next FANG on the ground floor, for to do so means capturing a potential 100-fold return, or more. I know because I’ve done it four times. The split adjusted average cost of my

Ten Reasons Why Stocks Can't Sell Off Big Time

While driving back from Lake Tahoe last weekend, I received a call from a dear friend who was in a very foul mood.  Following the advice of another newsletter whose name I won’t mention, he bailed out of all his stocks during the December meltdown. He was promised that Armageddon was coming, and the Dow

Why Warren Buffet Hates Gold

After seven years in the penalty box, gold is finally starting to come alive, and the Armageddon crowd is absolutely loving it. Maybe after ten years of rising, stocks are finally expensive on a relative basis? These are the guys who are perennially predicting the collapse of the dollar, the default of the US government,