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How to Execute a Vertical Bull Call Spread

Running this again to inform the latest batch of new subscribers. For those readers looking to improve their trading results and create the unfair advantage they deserve, I have posted a training video on How to Execute a Vertical Bull Call Spread. This is a matched pair of positions in the options market that will

Population Bomb Echoes

Pack your portfolios with agricultural plays like Mosaic (MOS) if Dr. Paul Ehrlich is just partially right about the impending collapse of the world’s food supply. You might even throw in long positions in wheat (WEAT), corn (CORN), soybeans (SOYB), and rice. It says a lot that when I update a sector report like this

Options for the Beginner

 I strongly urge readers of this letter to log on to Amazon and buy a copy of Options for the Beginner and Beyond by W. Edward Olmstead. Options contracts offer investors a wonderful instrument for minimizing risk while maximizing the upside, and I am going to recommend many more such strategies in the future. So,

Take a Leap Into Leaps

I am repeating this story because this is the best strategy with which to cash in on the gigantic market swoons, which have become a regular feature of our markets. Since the advent of the spectacular market volatility, I have been asked one question. What do you think about LEAPS? LEAPS, or Long Term Equity


Dear John, I hope you remember me. We once met at a luncheon in Paris a number of summers ago. Thank you for the suggestion you made during the January 31 webinar about the launch of the Mad Hedge Technology Letter. After the first issue, I bought Micron Technology (MU). I bought two July $39

The Coder Boom

There is a new boom going on in Northern California. It is not another gold rush, even though this winter’s heavy rains have flushed out a new supply of the yellow metal in High Sierra rivers and streams. And I am not referring to the marijuana boom triggered by the recent legalization of the evil

Why China is Driving Up the Value of Your Tech Stocks

Reduce the supply on any commodity and the price goes up. Such is dictated by the immutable laws of supply and demand. This logic applies to technology stocks as well as any other asset. And the demand for American tech stocks has gone global. Who is pursuing American technology more than any other? That would

A Note on Assigned Options, or Options Called Away

When the April 18 options expiration was only seven trading days away, there was a heightened probability that short options position gets called away. I was already getting calls from holders of the iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (TLT) April 2019 $128-$130 in-the-money vertical BEAR PUT spread who have seen their short April