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October 1, 2018

Global Market Comments October 1, 2018 Fiat Lux Featured Trade: (THE MARKET OUTLOOK FOR THE WEEK AHEAD, or DON’T NOMINATE ME!), (AMZN), (NVDA), (AAPL), (MSFT), (GLD), (ABX), (GOLD), (JOIN US AT THE MAD HEDGE LAKE TAHOE, NEVADA, CONFERENCE, OCTOBER 26-27, 2018)

Mad Hedge Hot Tips for September 28, 2018

Mad Hedge Hot Tips September 28, 2018 Fiat Lux The Five Most Important Things That Happened Today (and what to do about them)   1) Amazon is Targeting $2,525, or so says broker Stifel Nicolaus. Its multiple giant businesses are going gangbusters. Sounds cheap to me, so I’m diving back in. Click here.  2) The

September 28, 2018

Global Market Comments September 28, 2018 Fiat Lux Featured Trade: (WHAT WILL TRIGGER THE NEXT BEAR MARKET?) (JPM), (SNE), (TLT), (ELD), (AMZN), (WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2018, HOUSTON GLOBAL STRATEGY LUNCHEON)