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Storage Wars

No, this piece is not about the TV reality show that has a gruff lot of hopeful entrepreneurs blindly bidding for the contents of abandoned storage lockers. With hyper-accelerating technology creating data at an exponential rate, it is getting far too big to physically store. In 2018, over $80 billion was spent on data centers

The Death of the Mall

We’ve all heard this story before. Malls are dying. Commerce is moving online at breakneck pace. Investing in retail is a death wish. No less a figure than Bill Gates, Sr. told me that in a decade, malls would only be inhabited by climbing walls and paintball courses, and that was a decade ago. Except

Quantitative Easing Explained to a 12-Year-Old

I know it’s been three years since the U.S. dumped its reflationary policy of quantitative easing. However, Japan and Europe are still pursuing it with a vengeance. So, it’s best to be familiar with what it is. For a quick tutorial please watch the highly insightful and humorous video. Click on the link below to