I have had an incredibly amazing first year with you John. The return you made for us is outstanding. After receiving one year of your education I got that feeling of being ahead of the market and especially of the Private Banking guys. What a nice feeling it is. I hope you will keep your Trade Alert program open at least the next five years.

P. Engelbrecht



I am a UH-1Y Huey helicopter pilot in the US Marine Corps. I am currently deployed aboard the USS Boxer as a Forward Air Controller with Battalion Landing Team 1/1, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Our area of responsibility is the Middle East, which is where I?m writing this from now.

I have been a follower of madhedgefundtrader.com for over a year now. A friend of mine from my squadron initially recommended your website to me and I was immediately hooked. I was drawn to the refreshing way in which you neatly tied together financial markets, macroeconomic trends, politics, and just about every other subject you read about in the news. It is a coherent, well-packaged, Theory of Everything which seemed to explain and predict market trends and movements with a grace and accuracy I had never seen before, or even knew existed.

I have always had an interest in investing and the stock market (indeed, just enough of an interest to be dangerous?), but have never seemed to allow myself to ?bite-off? on the image of banking and investing sold by pundits on MSNBC, or in the thousands of get-rich-quick investing books on the shelves of any bookstore. It always seemed like there was some secret that the really successful investors knew which would just never end up in a TV segment, or for sale on a bookshelf.

I was at once impressed and intrigued by the way you were able to step back from the microscope of analyzing price movements and hype in the market, and instead focus on the big global picture and how all of the pieces fit together. This, is art.

It was clear that I could learn a lot of that from you. Right around the end of April though, as your ?RISK OFF? predictions began coming true, I was able to cash in on some successful positions, and I decided it would be well worth my money to sign up for your Macro Millionaire program. Since the first week of May, I have been a Macro Millionaire. I decided to commit 100% to your program and jump in with both feet to try to get the most out of it and have a true shot at success.

I downloaded your spreadsheet for keeping track of positions. I read every article I could find on your website, and a couple of books you?ve recommended. I?ve been able to sit in on your live webinars on three separate occasions from an Internet connection in Djibouti, Africa, where you have personally answered my questions.

I?ve followed every Trade Alert you?ve sent out (as best as I could considering the difficulty of trading stocks on a deployment), and have even begun using the techniques you?ve taught me and your broad market predictions to make a few profitable trades of my own.

I continue to see the greatest value of your product in an education on finance, economics, and the world, which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. You?ve somehow managed to take a whole bunch of topics I?ve been interested in studying, and weave them carefully together to show me a new way of looking at the world, and business. This education alone is worth the fee.

As I am on a ship with no phone, you have my permission to use this testimony in any way you see fit. Take care, and thanks for your efforts.

Justin Savino-Sullins
Captain, USMC







You may not be the only renaissance man around today but you certainly must be the most unselfish. We vicariously live what you are living today and what you have experienced in the past through your wonderful prose. Oh, and by the, we also get paid (profits)!!

John, go see my doctor in New York next time you are there and tell him I sent you. I want you to live forever. He may not provide you with that but he likely will turn back the clock 15 years.

Again, thank you,
Greensboro, NC


Holy Cow! Somehow I missed the May 4 trade alert about selling the (GLD) June $160 puts at $3.40 -- guess I didn't scroll up far enough on the ol' iPhone and only saw the alerts about (FXY) and (FXE) that day. And how happy am I that this happened, keeping me in the (GLD) puts until this morning, when I sold them at $11.15? VERY VERY HAPPY! While I was enjoying seeing the profit on that trade grow, thanks a million for sending a second alert on those puts and getting me out with big profit intact. I?m most grateful. See you at the Beverly Hills seminar next month.

A Happy Celia


I took advantage of an offer to subscribe to your service in early April and in Mid April of this year, received and executed on the Trade Alerts to buy puts on Boeing, IWM, FXE and GLD. Today, May 16th, I followed up on the trade alert and closed the GLD put position with a return of 155%. Overall, on the remaining positions in IWM, BA and FXE I have a 17% return however that may understate the actual return as I also took advantage of your hedge recommendation and sold puts 1:1 against my positions in BA and FXE.
As a technical trader with experience in Forex and commodities, I was drawn to your newsletter first and subsequently to subscribe to your service by your global macro view of the markets and your ability to simply express where a "tradeable opportunity" exists in response to the warp and waft of the fundamentals.
As a subscriber, I have come to appreciate your bi-monthly webinar updates and your balanced commentary, market insights over the short, medium and longer term, along with a healthy dose of risk management. I understand that nobody is right 100% of the time and I appreciate your integrity in taking credit for the wins as well as the loses. Looking forward to a profitable year of trading with MHFT and certainly with the GLD put option trade, I'm off to a good start.
I think MHFT is an excellent investment for experienced individual traders and please feel free to share my comments with prospective subscribers.
Good trading and kind regards,
Chicago, IL


I just wanted to thank you for some great trades. Thanks to you, I was profitable on the (IWM) put trade and it certainly looks like the Apple credit spread will return a nice profit (the profit you defined). Your wisdom in the market has been a godsend to my portfolio and my family. You stand apart from the field in your expertise in the markets.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania



My name is Julian and I am currently a finance student in Montreal, Canada. I've been reading some of the free material you've posted and I think you are dead on with your analysis. It?s really good stuff. I've been trading for 4 years and turned $3000 into $17000. It?s paying my way through college.
Wishing you continued success in 2012.

Montreal, Canada


Thank you for a terrific year.? I have been managing assets for 27 years and I find your writings and work truly insightful.? I wish I had met you in 1984 (started at Merrill Lynch and then spent the bulk of my career at Bear Stearns) and let you help me shape my thoughts for all of those years.

The business has never been easy and the markets today are certainly more difficult than ever.? I look forward to your emails and the clarity they bring.? Safe travels and enjoy your well-deserved time off.
Jason R.
Lake Success, New York


I?m only 45 days into ?Macro Millionaire? and I wanted to drop a note to say thank you. As a relatively novice trader, your perspective, analysis and trade alerts have given me the tools to show a 96% return so far. They've been a result of my taking additional risk with your ideas.

You have a great product and deliver incredible value. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope others realize how fortunate they are to have found you and Macro Millionaire.

Fiat Lux!

Bryon Z.
Walnut Creek, CA





Dear John, I'm extremely passionate about markets and am already building a hedge fund at the age of 31. Please continue to be yourself and inform. I want to learn from you all I can to successfully understand the next likely moves based on your insights and reasoning. I just wish you were my uncle and could give me years of one on time to teach me how to fish. Thanks for the privilege. Please be accurate next year also! ;-).

Brisbane, Australia