What About Asset Allocation?

Asset allocation is the one question that I get every day, which I absolutely cannot answer.

The reason is simple: no two investors are alike. The answer varies whether you are young or old, have $1,000 in the bank or $1 billion, are a sophisticated investor or an average Joe, in the top or the bottom tax bracket, and so on.

This is something you should ask your financial advisor, if you haven’t fired him already, which you probably should.

Having said all that, there is one old hard and fast rule which you should probably dump. It used to be prudent to own your age in bonds. So if you were 70, you should have had 70% of your assets in fixed income instruments and 30% in equities.

Given the extreme over valuation of all bonds today, and that we probably just entered a 30-year bear market, I would completely ignore this rule and own no bonds.

Instead you should substitute high dividend paying stocks for bonds. You can get 4% a year or more in yields these days, and get a great inflation hedge, to boot. You will also own what everyone else in the world is trying to buy right now, high yield US stocks.


Allocation: Are You Him?


Or Him?