I am one of your MDT subscribers in Tasmania Australia (currently 16 hours ahead of NY).

I have a regular day job, and am unable to day trade US markets and an unable to participate in the bi-weekly webinars. And although a MDT subscriber for nearly three years now it is only that last six months that I have got into the groove of your webinars and daily updates.

The daily updates on the markets levels have been very instructive as to where JT places his spreads, so that now I have started placing my own independently with success.

When the market dipped at the horror of a Trump win on 6 Nov, it seemed like a good time to put with a (SPY) $204-$207 Bear Put Spread.

This success led me to put on a (SPY) $222-$225 Bear Put Spread on 15 Nov when the (SPY) was 217. Your persistent subsequent urging not to short the market led me to look for an exit. This came on Friday 18th when the market dipped again, allowing me to exit for a 9 cent? loss.

Of course I should have applied the same logic (likely further rise in the market? further falling of VXX) to JTs VXX position at the same time. Would have come with a similar negligible loss instead of (as JT said) a nosebleed.

I have just started writing covered calls on my Interactive Brokers platform and have covered (weekly) calls on FCX (long 10.02) and FEYE (long 12.38) and managing to stay in the game.

There has been a noticeable uplift in your voice in recent webinars as market action has picked up.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Malcolm G
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

John Thomas