From the start, I have really enjoyed the newsletters and webinars. My day begins at 0700 AM reading about your global adventures with a big smile.

And you keep amazing me with your financial skills and somehow always seem to surprise me with an original market view and a constant stream of new stock discoveries.

With your guidance I am now actually making money, although my trading skills are still lousy. I know you have heard this so many times, but it feels like a honour to look over your shoulders.

I really feel lucky and privileged, that I found you!


The Netherlands


Thank you for the analysis of Nvidia (NVDA). I wouldn’t have looked at them without your analysis.

I got in NVDA at $69 Nov 2 after it dipped 3-5% from the recent top it exploded up on 11th Nov, +29% to $88 and eventually made it to $210!


More trade alerts to the people :)


Best Regards

John Resting from Hiking


Signing up for your service was the easiest decision that I have ever made knowing the value that I am getting in return. Thanks for making the world of capital markets profitable for non-Wall Street guys that are busy working in other professions.

Until now, I have been forced to deal with money managers or “Company Men” that only push the products their higher ups want to sell. Finally, I have an alternative route to go.

Thanks a “Million.”

Northbrook, IL



Dear John,

I would like to express my appreciation for all that you put into your daily letter.

My background is in the medical field so when it comes to investing and finances, I need all the help I can get. It’s totally amazing that you are a one stop shopping experience.

You incorporate past, present, and future in where to invest.

With your service I have learned the who, what, when, where, and how of successful trading and have done rather well with your input and the text alerts.

Often times though I have gone off on my own in trades and have given much of my profits back.

You warn your subscribers of the pitfalls and the need of strict discipline in knowing when to exit and limit your loses. I am surely learning this the hard way.

You are definitely the voice of experience in all matters of trading and I hold you in high regard as my mentor.


Christine P
Morristown, NJ

John Thomas


Thank John for his ceaseless banter. I enjoy this service so much. Great stories!!!!

I hope our paths cross soon.

Thank you.

North Carolina

John Thomas


First and foremost, thank you for what you do.

The small cost of this newsletter pays for itself a thousand times over. My returns mimic those of your portfolio for the year and for that I am grateful.?

The only suggestion I would offer is to keep doing what you are doing. It is people like you that will help return the once storied name to Wall Street.


Tampa, Florida

John Thomas


Thanks to both of you for taking the time to answer me back. I am going to hang in there. I like your newsletter because the unbiased perspectives you share and the way in which you look at market opportunities in a realistic, factual manner.? I am just hoping to turn that advantage into profit and learn.

I don?t like financial advisors as they open your account, offer canned advice, and disappear after they take your money. I want to have the independent skills needed to manage my own wealth, as I grow old. I don?t expect that to happen overnight or without advice, but I am hoping that your newsletter is something above par not just in appearance, but in results.

Time will tell.

Thank you again for returning my emails. That says a lot.


Hammond, New York

John Thomas 3


Dear John,

I missed the Boeing (BA) trade last week.? So, I now have “Trump’s Tweets Today” on my bookmarks list.?

On Monday, I read Trump’s tweet blasting Lockheed (LMT) and bought 200 December, 2016 $247.5 calls. At the end of the day I had a 250% return.?

Also, I did find some of your past letters that I found very interesting, including “The Case against Treasury Bonds” on November 27, 2011, ” Trading for the non-Trader” on November 10, 2015 and? ?Janet Yellen’s Dirty Little Secret” on July 7, 2016.?

I get a lot of older folks asking me if they should buy Treasuries for their retirement.? When I explain that one percent increase in yield results in a 20% loss in value they think I’m crazy.?

A lot of older folks don’t understand that annuities with fixed income (6%) are less than break-even when you consider inflation.?

I sure think there is a large market for a reasonable investment service that has your format.?

Thanks again for the heads up.? You are the best.


Wrinkle City, California
John Thomas - Hiking


I am one of your MDT subscribers in Tasmania Australia (currently 16 hours ahead of NY).

I have a regular day job, and am unable to day trade US markets and an unable to participate in the bi-weekly webinars. And although a MDT subscriber for nearly three years now it is only that last six months that I have got into the groove of your webinars and daily updates.

The daily updates on the markets levels have been very instructive as to where JT places his spreads, so that now I have started placing my own independently with success.

When the market dipped at the horror of a Trump win on 6 Nov, it seemed like a good time to put with a (SPY) $204-$207 Bear Put Spread.

This success led me to put on a (SPY) $222-$225 Bear Put Spread on 15 Nov when the (SPY) was 217. Your persistent subsequent urging not to short the market led me to look for an exit. This came on Friday 18th when the market dipped again, allowing me to exit for a 9 cent? loss.

Of course I should have applied the same logic (likely further rise in the market? further falling of VXX) to JTs VXX position at the same time. Would have come with a similar negligible loss instead of (as JT said) a nosebleed.

I have just started writing covered calls on my Interactive Brokers platform and have covered (weekly) calls on FCX (long 10.02) and FEYE (long 12.38) and managing to stay in the game.

There has been a noticeable uplift in your voice in recent webinars as market action has picked up.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Malcolm G
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

John Thomas


Thanks for your very informative daily updates and stories. I subscribe to four daily investment advisors and yours are the only one I always read and almost always follow.

I followed your trades to the letter and most were successful. The problem was I was not trading live (always at least half a day late and sometimes a full day due to the time difference (US versus AUD), and my trade size was too small.

I am basically using your alerts as the trigger to place the trade as a CFD (entry via a stop just above previous day?s high ? for a long/call) and then manage them with a trailing stop loss using the daily charts (stop loss just below previous day?s low unless the day was an inside bar).

This seems to work much better and entry and exits from trades are far more successful at the price you want to trade at.

Looking forward to applying this strategy for 2017 and hopefully I will catch up with you next time you are in Australia.

Hope you have a great XMAS and New Year.


Pullenvale, Australia

John Thomas