Dear MHFT,

I’ve just completed my third year trading under your guidance. I’m intensely interested in events that move markets and I find your knowledge to be quite insightful. 2016 was a breakout year for me as I made $382,000 on a trading account that started the year with $700,000. Keep sharing your wisdom!

Basel, Switzerland

John Thomas


As a new subscriber of just under two months, I thought I’d check in with you.

I am really enjoying your service. I look forward to your daily diaries for their wit and wisdom. I don’t miss a webinar. I very much appreciate that you take the time to answer questions by e-mail.

You are helping cure me of bad habits like being unable to cut losses or take profits, being wedded to positions, and investing through ideology rather than intelligence (such as the idea that gold is always a safe haven, oil is running out and can only go up, etc.).

And you’re clearly a big-hearted guy with much wisdom both in and out of the market.

I’m looking forward to trading more successfully in the New Year with your help. You’ve clearly helped a lot of people and I’m looking forward to being one of them.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays up the hill in Tahoe,

Camptonville, CA

John Thomas


Hey John and the MAD Team, here’s an early Happy New Years!
You really nailed and keep nailing great reversals and trends that are just beginning to deserve a watchful eye. I nailed it today, so far, just buying the JPY pairs, and shorting the big bond, this past couple weeks.

I’m still a bit stuck on futures, but I realize the safety in your spreads is a lot smarter…Thx for all you know and for all you do.


Alberta, Canada

John Thomas


?I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It is the first place I go every morning and I miss you on the weekends.

I stumbled upon your site about 4 months ago and have been addicted to it since day one. I really appreciate not only your insight into the markets, but also your global and historical perspectives.

All of this served up with your great sense of humor makes it a must read! Thanks for all your hard work.

John Thomas


After the smoking? trading results of the last month. No wonder JT feels the need to cool down in the snow of the Sierra.?

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia




Thanks for the “Heads up” on Nvidia (NVDA).?

It took a little patience to bear with all that happened last week,?but you were spot on and my $70 call option paid off 100% for a sweet 10k profit in less than a few weeks.

Keep them coming John.? After seven years with your service, I rely on you to keep my retired wife in the style she has become accustomed to living.?

Life is good and so are you.


Lincoln, California
John Thomas - Pilot

Mad Day Trader Testimonial

I have benefited greatly from your whole approach to chart analysis, including extreme bands, trend analysis 253/200, William’s 30, OB/OS, levels, ADX, CMF, down to up, just to name the most important ones for me.

For almost a year I focused on day trading the levels in the (SPX) and some other symbols.? My results were mixed with losers tending to out weigh winners. ?

Consequently I have been focusing on figuring out option strategies, which take more consistent advantage of the chart analysis tools that you have provided me.

I am now having more success, but still have a long way to go.

Right now, I have a short in (MCD) and (TSLA) expiring on November 18, based on what I interpret from the tools that you have introduced me to.? We will see how they fare.

Anyway, I just want to say that I gain a lot from your training.?

Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

Rene Y


I watched John Thomas for a year before jumping in, and I should have done it earlier when he phenomenally traded that awful year, 2011, that whipsawed so many investors including myself.

He again outperformed the market in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and so far he has shown amazing skill once more in navigating treacherous markets with deep-in-the-money call and put spreads.

You can not exactly replicate his numbers 100% of the time for many different reasons, some of them strictly technical in nature.

But you will get most of them, or you can use his trade alerts just directionally to help you determine where you should put your money and how to allocate your dollars risk on vs. risk off.

I am up 20% trading with John since October 2015. I also like John’s in-depth charts, market insights, and his educational webinars, that have become the cornerstone of my market evaluations.

One should never put all eggs in the same basket, but subscribing to the Mad Hedge Fund Trader is a smart way to enhance the performance of your stock portfolio.

Austin, Texas
John with Horn

Sometimes You Have to Toot Your Own Horn


Thanks John…rough ride out of the gates here…but I wouldn’t want to be riding with anyone but you…you are my life raft in this treacherous world of investing, and thank you for being who you are and for all that you do.

Take care,

Greg B.
Agoura, California


Mad Options Trader Testimonial

Good Afternoon John,

I just wanted to tell you what a great find the Mad Options Trader was for you. I stumbled into two of his trades this week and made enough profit to pay for two years of his service. I know he may eventually cool off, but he is hot now.

Dallas, Texas

John at Bank of Texas