I have always had a passion for the markets and the Mad Hedge Fund Trader gave me the courage to make my first trade. At the time, I was unemployed and put in everything I could scrape together - about ten thousand dollars.

For me this was a free education, as the profits would pay for all the books and the fees. My father gave me some money as a gift, while telling me "I was crazy" following "some guy" off the Internet.

Every suggestion I have taken religiously. I follow all your lead indicators from the Shanghai stock market to Dr. Copper and the jobless claims.

In the last couple of months, I have started doing my own successful options trades based on the extra suggestions you give in the webinars and commentaries. Often, I do a trade and ten minutes later an alert comes.

My father who is worried about his future (like so many of us) is now joining the program. I am going to assist him with his first trades.

Another family member has asked me to manage his money. I really feel you are helping me become a hedge fund manager with this fantastic program.

London - England


Dear MHFT,

I've just completed my third year trading under your guidance. I'm intensely interested in events that move markets and I find your knowledge to be quite insightful. 2016 was a breakout year for me as I made $382,000 on a trading account that started the year with $700,000. Keep sharing your wisdom!

Basel, Switzerland

John Thomas


Thanks John...rough ride out of the gates here...but I wouldn't want to be riding with anyone but you...you are my life raft in this treacherous world of investing, and thank you for being who you are and for all that you do.

Take care,

Agoura, California



Holly smokes! You really did it with the UNG trade earlier this year. Up 25% in two hours? How did you do that? It was the best trade you've ever done. It's the best trade I've ever done.

It was the right thing to do at the right time. And you had the balls to put it on after the (UNG) opened down a dollar. The follow up report was one of your best ever written as well. I will never again doubt your advice.

The next chicken fried steak at Billy Bob's is on me. Thanks a million!

Tampa, Florida


In my wealth management practice, you helped me finesse September like a virtuoso. As my client's investments were crashing through their stops...I hung on.

Your sage counsel helped me ignore the noise, focus on the numbers and add to positions at a great entry point. The scar tissue you've built up over your career is no small benefit to your subscribers.

Thank you so much!

Bakersfield, California




The confidence you have given me to enter the USD:JPY spot positions have returned me in excess of $1,500,000 in the last few months.

I'll be in California next year.

Can't wait to catch up. Dinner is on me, both times!

I know you said you aren't retiring until you're well into your seventies. Why so soon?

You're welcome to use this as a testimonial.




I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It is the first place I go every morning and I miss you on the weekends.

I stumbled upon your site about 4 months ago and have been addicted to it since day one. I really appreciate not only your insight into the markets, but also your global and historical perspectives.

All of this served up with your great sense of humor makes it a must read! Thanks for all your hard work.




From the start, I have really enjoyed the newsletters and webinars. My day begins at 0700 AM reading about your global adventures with a big smile.

And you keep amazing me with your financial skills and somehow always seem to surprise me with an original market view and a constant stream of new stock discoveries.

With your guidance I am now actually making money, although my trading skills are still lousy. I know you have heard this so many times, but it feels like a honour to look over your shoulders.

I really feel lucky and privileged, that I found you!


The Netherlands


Thank you for the analysis of Nvidia (NVDA). I wouldn't have looked at them without your analysis.

I got in NVDA at $69 Nov 2 after it dipped 3-5% from the recent top it exploded up on 11th Nov, +29% to $88 and eventually made it to $210!


More trade alerts to the people 🙂


Best Regards

John Resting from Hiking


Signing up for your service was the easiest decision that I have ever made knowing the value that I am getting in return. Thanks for making the world of capital markets profitable for non-Wall Street guys that are busy working in other professions.

Until now, I have been forced to deal with money managers or "Company Men" that only push the products their higher ups want to sell. Finally, I have an alternative route to go.

Thanks a "Million."

Northbrook, IL