Hot Tips

  • September 9, 2021

    1. Will a Bitcoin ETF Approval Spike the Market?

      There are a dozen applications with the SEC for the first US-approved crypto ETF. When approved, billions of new cash will pile into Bitcoin off the back of the new improved legitimacy. Buy before the IPO, it’s a classic trading strategy.

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    2. JOLTS Comes in at a Blockbuster 10.9 Million

      in July, a new record high. This is the number of job openings in the private sector. Anyone who wants a job can get a job. Blame the education gap. The problem is that there is demand for 10.9 million website designers, computer programmers, and Internet marketers, and an endless supply of waiters and other restaurant workers.

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    3. The Fed Says Growth Downshifted During the Summer

      thanks to delta and a worker shortage according to the Beige Book release. We already knew that, and a five-point selloff in bonds is telling us that Covid is declining and growth is back on.

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    4. Will Bitcoin Pay Interest?

      Coinbase (COIN) is attempting to launch a loan product where lenders can earn interest. It follows on the heels of many other bitcoin quasi banking start-ups in the San Francisco Bay area paying interest rates as high as 8%. The SEC is trying the block it, threatening legal action, panicking over the runaway growth of cryptocurrencies.

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    5. Bill Gates Buys the Four Seasons Hotels

      from Saudi Arabia for $2.7 billion. It’s a great buy at this point in the cycle. Will my frequent flier points carry over? If Bill likes hotels, maybe you should too. Buy (WYNN) and (MGM), which recently gave up their gains thanks to delta.

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  • September 8, 2021

    1. The Mad Hedge Traders & Investors Summit is on for September 14-16.

      A collection of the 24 best traders and managers in the world, or eight a day, each giving an educational webinar. Back-to-back one-hour presentations are followed by an interactive Q&A. It’s a smorgasbord of trading strategies, so pick the one that is right for you. Covering all stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange, precious metals, and real estate. It’s the best look at the rest of 2021’s money-making opportunities you will get anywhere. To view the schedule and speakers, and to register NOW, click here.  

    2. Apple Soars on Press Conference Announcement

      for September 14, to a new all-time high.  It may or may not introduce the iPhone 13, new airpods, and watch models. Keep buying dips if we ever get one. I am overdue for an upgrade, and I bet you are too. (AAPL) is already my second largest position after (GOOG).

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    3. Tesla to Make Own Chips,

      in a dramatic response to a structural global chip shortage that could last years. The news was good for a $30 pop in the stock this morning. Tesla is already one of the world’s largest chip users, and their needs are expected to jump 50-fold in the next ten years. The move justifies a much larger premium for the stock. It’s all about training the neural network.

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    4. El Salvador Launch Bombs,

      triggering a 10% correction, and as much as a 20% plunge in altcoins. Apparently, everyone in the country received their $30 in free bitcoin and then SOLD. Live in cryptoland long enough and moves like this become commonplace. What did the country’s president have to say? “Buy the dip.”

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    5. PayPal Goes Global ….again,

      buying Japan’s Paidy for $2.7 billion. Yet another move to stake out a global presence. Buy (PYPL) on dips.

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  • September 7, 2021

    1. Seven Million Lose Unemployment Benefits Today.

      This should make available more workers whose shortage has been a drag on the economy. Accelerating growth can only be good for stocks.

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    2. Boeing Delays 787 Dreamliner

      for two months. Dropping the stock. Manufacturing defects are the big issue. Use the bad news and the selloff to buy the dip.

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    3. SEC Scrutinizes ESG,

      indicating that some of these green funds are not so green. You can thank greenwashing energy companies trying to sneak in wearing sheep’s clothing. Environmental, Social, and Governance-focused funds have been a magnet for investors for the past two years, sucking in some $2 trillion.

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    4. El Salvador Launches Bitcoin as a National Currency,

      creating a national wallet, and offering every citizen $30 to open an account. Most of the accounts will be accessed via cell phones. The central bank bought 400 bitcoins worth $20 million as part of the rollout. The country’s president is helping to sort out technical glitches. Is Bitcoin the next global currency? Bitcoin dropped 10% on the news.

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    5. Are Low-Code Developers the New Blue-Collar Workers?

      These are coders unaware of HTML but are creating new apps by using the drop-and-drag functions of existing apps to move large blocks of prewritten code. This enables companies to hire cheaper workers to accelerate technology. There is no reason to pay for the same lines of code to be written twice. The Mad Hedge website was created using a low-code developer: me.

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  • September 3, 2021

    1. Nonfarm Payroll Report Bombs,

      coming in at only 235,000 versus an expected 720,000, a huge miss. The headline Unemployment Rate fell 0.2% to 5.2%, a new post-pandemic low. Mysteriously, both stocks and bonds hated it. Manufacturing was up 37,000, while Leisure & Hospitality was zero and Retail at -28,000. Education LOST -25,000 during the back-to-school season. Average Hourly Earnings rose an astonishing 0.6% MOM, or 4.3% YOY. The U6 long term unemployment rate fell to 8.8%. Goodbye taper. A shortage of workers was to blame, but the economic data has been worsening for a while now. Delta is taking a bigger bite than we thought.

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    2. One Billion Asians to Join Middle Class by 2030,

      on top of the existing 3.75 billion today. That will create a vastly larger market for all online services, which the stock market seems to be telling us today. Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are expected to see the largest increases. There is a lot of “hope” in this number, i.e., no more covid, no ward, and no depressions.

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    3. The Next Market Correction Won't Come

      until the Fed makes a mistake and that might be years off, says Wharton finance professor and long-term bull Jeremy Siegel. That will be when the Fed finds itself behind the inflation curve. Until then, the slow grind up continues. Stocks are the best defense against inflation.

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    4. Cunard has Cancelled Transatlantic Cruises,

      at least the next four voyages, thanks to the delta spike. It doesn’t help that the US is not letting foreigners in either. My favorite mode of transportation is on hold.

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    5. McDonald’s McFlurry Machines are Breaking Down,

      triggering a wave of complaints with the Fair Trade Commission. The topic has become a topic for late-night comedians. Despite all that, (MCD) stock has kept rising, albeit slowly. Not fodder for the Mad Hedge Fund Trader.

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  • September 2, 2021

    1. ADP Comes in Weak,

      presaging lower interest rates. Private Employment came in at only 374,000, about half of what was expected. Most new jobs were in Leisure & Hospitality. It sets up a weak August Nonfarm Payroll Report on Friday. In the Meantime, Weekly Jobless Claims came in at 340,000, a new post-pandemic low. Tech is hitting new highs and banks are selling off. If we get a selloff, it may be your only entry point for September. Watch the Volatility Index (VIX).

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    2. Air Travel is Falling Off,

      with airport security screening dropping to only 1.35 million, the lowest since May 11. Delta is taking its toll, but back to school is a factor as well.

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    3. Chicago PMI Has a Big Miss,

      coming in at 66.8 versus an expected 69.4. This has delta written all over it.

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    4. Covid is Shrinking Social Security Benefits,

      thanks to a plunge in tax revenues. The Trust Fund has enough cash on hand to pay full benefits until 2033. After that, they drop 22%.

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    5. Bond King Bill Gross Says Treasuries are Trash.

      He sees ten-year yields hitting 2.00% sometime in 2022. The 77-year-old drove bond prices for a decade and also made a fortune collecting stamps. Sometimes Bill is early, but he is always right.

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