I have an Opening for the Mad Hedge Fund Trader Concierge Service

It’s happened again.

Another long term follower of the Mad Hedge Fund Trader has informed me that he is hanging up his trading spurs and retiring from the game.

Thanks to the millions he has made following my trade alerts, he now has more time to spend on his boat in the Caribbean, taking trips to Europe, and coaching his kids' sports team.

He was 50.

He confided in me that my service enabled him to retire 15 years ahead of schedule.

As a result, he has created an opening in the Mad Hedge Fund Trader Concierge Service, a program that is aimed at our most valuable clients where I limit the service to only ten clients at any one time.

The goal is to provide high net worth individuals with the extra degree of assistance they may require in managing diversified portfolios. Tax, political, and economic issues will all be covered.

It is also the ideal service for the small and medium-sized hedge fund that lacks the resources to support their own in-house global strategist full time.

The service includes the following:

1) A risk analysis of your own personal portfolio with the goal of focusing your investment in the highest return sectors for the long term.

2) A monthly phone call from John Thomas to update you on the current state of play in the global financial markets.

3) Personal meetings with John Thomas anywhere in the world once a year to continue our in-depth discussions.

The cost for this highly personalized, bespoke service is $10,000 a year.

To best take advantage of Mad Hedge Fund Trader Executive Service, you should possess the following:

1) Be an existing subscriber the Mad Hedge Fund Trader Pro who is already well aware of our strengths and limitations.

2) Have a liquid net worth of over $500,000.

3) Possess a degree of knowledge and sophistication of financial markets. This is NOT for beginners.

To subscribe to Mad Hedge Fund Trader Concierge Service

Please email customer support at support@madhedgefundtrader.com. Please put “Concierge Candidate” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you.