The Market?s Technical Outlook is Terrible

At yesterday morning?s opening bell, we were greeted with the unmistakable evidence the stock market is technically breaking down.

The Dow Average has broken its three-year upward sloping trend line. Market leading sectors, like Consumer Discretionary and Financials have all put in eminently convincing ?Head and Shoulders? tops (click here). More distressingly, the head and shoulders for lead sector Technology has already broken down. Check out all the charts below.

I quickly ran my expiration P&L this morning. I figured out that if I sold all my longs for small profits (SPY), (IWM), and kept all my short positions (FXY), (T), (AA), I would be up 4.43% year to date by mid February, which in this environment is nothing less than heroic. The exception to the analysis is my sale of Linn Energy (LINE), which will be the subject of my next piece.

For more detail on why this is happening, read today?s letter, ?The Great American Rot is Ending? by clicking here).


SPY 2-2-15

DIA 2-2-15

RSP 2-2-15

XLY 2-2-15

RYT 2-2-15

PSCF 2-2-15

VIX 2-2-15

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