February 27, 2010 – The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Jon Najarian of OptionMonster on Hedge Fund Radio

How does an NFL linebacker develop a series of computer algorithms that give him a crucial edge when trading the market? That is the question I hoped to answer when I interviewed Jon Najarian, founder and CEO of OptionMonster (click here for the site). Jon's proprietary program, called Heat Seeker ®, monitors no less than 180,000 trades a second to give him an early warning … [Read more...]

February 26, 2010

Global Market Comments February 26, 2010 Featured Trades: (TOYOTA), (TM), (PALLADIUM), (PALL), (RESIDENTIAL HOUSING), (XHB) 1) Since I am probably the only person in the country who once worked for Toyota, speaks Japanese, and worked in the White House Press Corps, and am therefore fluent in the ways of Washington, I feel obliged to comment on yesterday's … [Read more...]

February 25, 2010

Global Market Comments February 25, 2010 Featured Trades: ('EUREKA'), (SPX), (VIX), (USO), (FCX), (GLD), (TBT),(TBF), (CHK), (UNG), (COAL), (BTU), (LUMBER), (WY), (HEDGE FUND RADIO)   1) After speaking to a gaggle of economists, portfolio managers, and traders the last few days, I've had one of those 'Eureka' moments as the markets have shown their hands. … [Read more...]

February 24, 2010

Global Market Comments February 24, 2010 (SPECIAL JOSEPH STIGLITZ ISSUE) 1) The great thing about interviewing Joseph Stiglitz over dinner is that you don't have to ask any questions.  You just turn him on and he spits out one zinger after another. And he does this in a kibitzing, wizened, grandfatherly manner like one would expect from a character that just walked off … [Read more...]

February 20, 2010 – The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital on Hedge Fund Radio

Will Peter Schiff become the first 'Tea Party' member of the US Senate? Peter Schiff certainly hopes so. The argumentative fund manager is trying to capture the seat vacated by outgoing Democrat Chris Dodd in the upcoming November election. The Republicans of the last administration weren't 'real' ones, Peter insists, but Democrats running under the Republican banner, with … [Read more...]

February 19, 2010

Global Market Comments February 19, 2010 Featured Trades: (GOLD), (GLD), (STIMULUS PACKAGE), (SQM), (ENS), (XIDE), (ZBB),   1) I took advantage of my membership in the World Gold Council to download their 'Global Demand Trends' report released today, a must read for avid followers of the barbaric relic (click here for the link at http://www.gold.org/ ). If you … [Read more...]

February 18, 2010

Global Market Comments February 18, 2010 Featured Trades: (USO), (CRUDE), (SILVER), (FOREIGN TREASURY HOLDINGS), (TBT), (TBF), (HEDGE FUND RADIO) 1) I'm not buying the $8 rally in crude (USO) this week because the contango which has been supporting prices in the face of lukewarm demand for the past year has been rapidly disappearing. Contango involves buying crude … [Read more...]

February 16, 2010

Global Market Comments February 16, 2010 Featured Trades: (CHINESE YUAN), (CYB), (PLATINUM), (PPLT), (EWT) 1) The Chinese Yuan is just begging for a home run. Any doubts that it is a huge screaming buy should have been dispelled last week when news came out that China had displaced Germany as the world's largest exporter. The Middle Kingdom shipped $1.2 … [Read more...]

February 13, 2010 – The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter on Hedge Fund Radio

Legendary futures trader, Dennis Gartman, says the euro has had it, and has a long way to go before it finds a bottom. He is urging investors to short the European currency and go long Canadian and Australian dollars against it. They may resolve Greece, but not Portugal, Spain, or Italy. The strong dollar is also causing a lot of damage to the commodities charts and their … [Read more...]

February 11, 2010

Global Market Comments February 11, 2010 Featured Trades: (EUROYEN CROSS), (GOLD), (GLD), (CBS), (SISI), (HTZ), (RAD), (M), (LVS), (AMD), (AMR), (CAL), (S), (HEDGE FUND RADIO)   1) If you want to know how I was able to pick the exact date and time the bell would ring for a top in the S&P 500, take a look at the Euroyen cross. OK, I was 15 days early. I … [Read more...]

February 10, 2010

Global Market Comments February 10, 2010 Featured Trades: (SPX), (SDS), (BERNIE MADOFF), (CIA), (DBA), (MOO), (MON), (MOS), AGU), (POT) 1) Note to self. Don't do your midnight pee next to the bear box. They're called that for a reason. And I'm sorry that my shouting at the hungry, six foot tall black bear standing in front of me, no doubt attracted by … [Read more...]

February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010 Featured Trades: (THE MAD HEDGE FUND TRADER'S STRATEGY LUNCHEONS), (DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS), (CYB), (EEM), (USO), (GLD), (SHREVE'S), ('SNOWMAGEDDON') 1) Come join me for lunch at the Mad Hedge Fund Trader's Global Strategy Update, which I will be conducting in a number of venues around the country this year. The first two will be held in San … [Read more...]

February 8, 2010

Global Market Comments February 8, 2010Featured Trades: (JANUARY NONFARM PAYROLL), (TBF), (TBT), (ASML), (CSCO), (JDSU), (MU), (JNPR), (SNDK) 1) On your mark! Get set!.......nothing. The January nonfarm payroll report showing a further 20,000 job losses certainly left traders scratching their heads on Friday. (click here for the link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics … [Read more...]

February 4, 2010

Global Market Comments February 4, 2010 Featured Trades: (AUSIE/EURO CROSS), (ELECTRIC CAR MATERIALS DEMAND), (ELLIOT SPITZER) 1) If you want to participate in the global carry trade in its purest form, take a look at the Australian dollar/Euro cross. This involves buying the Ausie, where the central bank has been the first and fastest to raise interest rates … [Read more...]

February 3, 2010

Global Market Comments February 3, 2010Featured Trades: (SPX), (QQQQ), (COPPER), (COPA), (TM), (WEEKLY JOBLESS CLAIMS) 1) Groundhog Punxutawney Phil poked his nose out of his hole and saw his shadow this morning, predicting six more weeks of winter. The Mad Hedge Fund Trader poked his reddened proboscis out the door this morning, saw a substantially larger and longer … [Read more...]

February 2, 2010

Global Market Comments February 2, 2010 Featured Trades: (THE DISCIPLINED INVESTOR), (EWS), (EWZ), (EWY), (EPI), (GOLD), (SILVER), (COAL), (TM), (BOONE PICKENS), (Q4 GDP) 1) The liquidity driven rally is going to have to get some legs on its own, or there will be big problems very shortly, says  Andrew Horowitz, president and founder of Fort Lauderdale, Florida based … [Read more...]

February 1, 2010

Global Market Comments February 1, 2010 Featured Trades: (PIIGS), (EURO), (GREECE), (GOLD), (DOW/GOLD RATIO), (PRESIDENTIAL STOCK RETURNS) 1) Beware of Greeks bearing bonds. That is the message the markets screamed at us this week, when yields on the sovereign debt issued by the home of Plato and Socrates rose a gut-wrenching 400 basis points against German bunds. … [Read more...]