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Meet a Founder Of The Modern Hedge Fund
John Thomas

John Thomas, counts tech titans, politicians, and hedge fund billionaires as connections that he taps into in order to stay AHEAD of the market.

His rise to fame started as a correspondent for The Economist and the Financial Times where he cut his teeth on global economics. From there he continued building his connections as a member of the White House press corps where he covered the Reagan administration.

His connections built, he was appointed a director of the Swiss Bank Corp responsible for its then vast portfolio of Japanese equity derivatives. A year later he left to set up the first ever dedicated international hedge fund, which became a top performer in the industry.

Selling his fund at the peak of the market set him up for life…but he wasn’t DONE!

His connections, insights, and skills put him ahead of the masses and he is focused on his students and THEIR successes now. He has the wisdom to keep them profitable and AHEAD of the masses…

That’s why he created Global Trading Dispatch…Profitable Traders Who Trade Ahead Of The Market!

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I have always had a passion for the markets and the Mad Hedge Fund Trader gave me the courage to make my first trade. At the time I was unemployed and put in everything I could scrape together – about ten thousand dollars.

For me this was a free education, as the profits would pay for all the books and the fees. My father gave me some money as a gift, while telling me “I was crazy” following “some guy” off the Internet.

Every suggestion I have taken religiously. I follow all your lead indicators from the Shanghai stock market to Dr. Copper and the jobless claims.

Over the last couple of months I have started doing my own successful options trades based on the extra suggestions you give in the webinars and commentaries. Often, I do a trade and ten minutes later an alert comes.

My father who is worried about his future (like so many of us) is now joining the program. I am going to assist him with his first trades.

Another family member has asked me to manage his money. I really feel you are helping me become a hedge fund manager with this fantastic program.

  –Geoff, London – England

I would like to express how much I enjoy reading your newsletter and the global views that I gain from it.

It has been the best, by far, and the most financially worthwhile letter I have ever bought. I find most newsletters spin and promote their returns during the good times, and never factor in or disclose their bad times.

I have had some bad trades with you, but the results from the good trades far outnumber them. I do take positions based on your recommendations and have done very well.

My portfolio has grown by over $1 million from shorting the yen, since late November, based on your calls. That is with no more than $200,000 invested in yen shorts at any one time. This has been far and away the single best trade of my life!

Thank you very much! May we all have many more of these!! Thanks John,

–Rob, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Micron Technology (MU) Up 65% from $38 – in 6 weeks

Lam Research (LRCX) Up 63% from $135 – in 6 months

NVIDIA (NVDA) Up 248% from $68 – in 2 years

Tesla (TSLA) Up 228% from $16.50 – in 9 years

Baidu (BIDU) Up 2,240% from $12.50 – in 10 years
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Live Biweekly Webinar: Hear directly from John’s inside connections to see what’s happening around the globe…that matters to YOU! All asset class strategy webinars with an interactive Q&A
Special Reports: There are times when LIFE CHANGING investment topics need to be discussed. on urgent investment topics
Strategy Luncheons/Meet-ups: This is where the magic happens! You’ll receive invitations to strategy luncheons around the world, about 25 a year where you’ll meet with John and other Global Trading Dispatch members to share successes, make new friends, and grow your trading account together!
Lake Tahoe Traders Conference: Invitation to the annual traders conference held once a year at Lake Tahoe Nevada where John focuses on connecting and planning for the following years trading plans and goals.
Database of Trades: Access to an 11 year data base on investment ideas, searchable by name and ticker symbols.
John’s Complete Educational Library: More educational videos and webinars than you could consume in a lifetime
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